Search Engine Optimisation for E-commerce Businesses

At Thinking Creativity, we provide search engine optimisation services that bring your e-commerce business to the top of your customer’s Google results. Our team ensures that you won’t just see a spike in traffic, but also conversions.
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Improve Your Search Traffic and Conversions

While e-commerce is a profitable venture, it’s also a highly competitive one. Even if you have a great product, you may still have a few rivals in your niche. You’re constantly fighting for your customers’ attention, especially on search engines like Google and Bing.

Customers often click on the first few results on the first page. Our search engine optimisation service helps your site climb to the top and retain your place there. And once your customers visit your site, we make sure they convert with effective copy and calls to action.

Importance of SEO to Your E-commerce Site

Search engine optimisation provides a wide variety of advantages for your e-commerce business.

Let customers find you

Traditional advertisements, which are often expensive, don’t guarantee results. This is because they’re shown even to people who may not be interested in your products. With SEO, you’ll mostly get visitors who are likely to buy your products because they searched for it themselves.

It’s effective in the long run

The moment you cut payment for your TV or online ads, you’ll likely see a drop in traffic. You won’t experience this problem with a proper SEO campaign. As long as your business and keywords are relevant to your customer, you’ll always be at the top of search results.

Gain your customers’ trust

SEO often involves creating content like blog articles that are related to the products you’re selling. It’s this type of content that visitors will likely click on and come back for. It establishes you as an authority that customers trust.

Be present in every step in the buyer’s journey

Throughout your customers’ purchasing journey, they’ll do searches to make themselves aware and knowledgeable about a product to the point when they’re ready to purchase one. SEO allows you to target keywords your customers may search for in their journey to ensure your brand is always at the top of their minds.

Enhance User Experience

Google’s algorithm favours websites that improve their users’ experience. Professional SEO services improve your e-commerce site’s loading speed and ease of navigation so that customers can get to the products they need quickly and easily.

Get the Top Rankings with Thinking Creativity

We’ve helped hundreds of e-commerce businesses improve their traffic and conversions through SEO. Know why our clients continue to choose us for their campaigns.

  • A Seasoned Crew – We’ve been providing digital marketing services for almost a decade. Our experience has given us tremendous insight into the best practices in search marketing. We always adapt to the latest trends and algorithm changes to ensure you’re ahead of the curve.
  • Customised SEO – We take our time in researching your brand and industry. This gives us an idea of who your target audience is. We then tailor your website’s content and copy according to their interests and preferences.
  • Complete Digital Marketing Solutions – Apart from SEO, we offer a variety of digital marketing solutions that further enhance your e-commerce business’ visibility. These include social media marketing and web design and development.

Start Making Your Way to the Top

Thinking Creativity is your e-commerce business’ gateway to the top of search results. Our SEO experts are more than ready to optimise your site for Google, Bing and other search engines. Email us today to book your free discovery call.

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