360 SEO Action Blueprint

Get the most actionable seo audit and action plan or your money back.

Pillars Of SEO Success:


Weighing in at 80% of your SEO effort, get this wrong and your potential to drive targetted traffic to your website from Google will be an uphill battle.

Architechture (on-site on page) 

Availability, Usability, Technical Foundations

Site Structure

Deep Crawl – Analysing how a search engine scans your website, do they see all of your pages, are there things they shouldn’t see? Is there important content that the search engine cannot find?

Internal Structure – Are the most important pages on your site easily accessible for both users and search engines, are you grouping topics in the most efficient and targetted way, – broken links

Page Structure – are you using the latest rich schemas available, have you taken advantage of seo optimized content structures. There are many new exciting ways to display content that helps you drive more results from featured snippets, faqs, and voice search as well as enhancing your listing in results pages with extra snippets such as reviews, opening times, stock availability.

Meta – titles, descriptions

Site Speed – Sites need to be fast (core algorithm inclusion early May 2021) as this is becoming a ranking factor. What bottlenecks exist and how can you leverage the latest technologies to remove them and ensure the best user experience for visitors on your site

  • Site structure hierarchy
  • Meta tag implementations
  • Title modifiers
  • Rich Schema (faqs, how-tos)
  • Internal Linking
  • Canonicalisation
  • Crawl efficiency
  • Indexing and orphan content
  • Broken Links and resources
  • Speed test recommendations
  • List of URLs to remove from Google (404s or 301s) – As a result of broken links/duplicate content or avoid cannibalization


Once your on-site optimization is perfected your content and rankings is powered up through external links (backlinks).

Links come in many shapes and forms, some better than others. Infact some links can be harming your ability to rank and drive as much organic traffic as your business deserves.

  • Live Rank Review
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Potential Toxic link identification
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • Future linking strategy and needs (strength of sites, types of anchors, and pages needing more links)
  • Top power pages (for internal linking)
  • CTR analysis for searches
  • Keyword analysis, research, and discovery
  • Success tracking visibility


  • Backlinks Analysis
    • Quality vs Volume, Sources
  • Anchor Analysis
    • Ratios of types of anchor used (brand, url, exact keyword etc)
  • Keyword Analysis
    • Volume, Ranking Difficulty, Value
  • Content Gap Analysis
    • Best performing content


With all your data organised and analysed a clear roadmap and action plan can be developed. Broken down into easily actionable steps, phases, processes

90 Day – Immediate action plan, mostly around on-site optimization to set the right foundations and editorial guidelines going forwards to creating new content and building links. See improvements in your rankings within weeks not months*

12 Month – based on target opportunities in keywords, content to be optimized or created, topic clusters. link building plan. Ensure continued growth through data driven insight and bridging the gap between you and your competitors (and blow them out of the water!)

optional pgrades: individual page exploration, on-page recomendations based around specific target searches – get the upper hand 

intent, context, asset, channel, optimiztion, ascention

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